Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

Abstrack :
Interest is one amongst the phychologicai aspects ought to recene attetion from the coach or sport trainer,in sport activities,interest is vital as a result of. will have an effect on what proportion attetion one amongst the activities or actions that he did well in sports and in different areas.

This study aims to determing factors intrinsic and extrinsic faktors that have an effect on the interests of childrenplaying soccer petrogres. This analysis is quantitave descripting analysis that aims to offer apicture of the article to be observed subject who applied during this reseach.
Is petrogres foot ball faculty students starting the age cabetown 10-12 years. Amounting to a hundred twenty five folks,because the themes numberring quite a hundred. The researchers took four-hundredth of the quantity of subject to be studied is a hundred twenty five x forty p.c = fifty . A sample of this study amounted . To thus folks . the strategy lised during this study is that the absevation meted by lising the spead of item duertionnaire with thirty duestions consiting of fourteen things of duestions to. Factors arising from out aspect.

From this study indicate that tho pencentange of foot ball following the. Chid's interest in petrogres infiuenced by factors arrsing from whitin the. " terribly agree" the maximum amount of forty nine,86 p.c " agree" the maximum amount as thirty one,43 p.c " wavers " the maximum amount as ten,71 p.c " not agree" the maximum amount as half dozen,57 % ,and who answered" strongly. Disagree" the maximum amount as one,43 % , whive the percetagg of foot ball following the child's interes in petrogres infiuenced by factors arising from out aspect is " terribly agree" the maximum amount as forty two,13 p.c " agree" the maximum amount as twenty six,25 %.
" wavers" the maximum amount as fourteen,37 p.c " not agree" the maximum amount as twelve,5 and try to who. Answerd" strongly disagree" the maximum amount as four,75%